Monday, October 29, 2012

'Work For Money, Design For Love..?'

So, we have launched the brief for our third exhibition and the interest has been.. interesting. In our last two exhibitions artists have had the opportunity to sell their work and we took no comission. For this exhibition, there isn't the opportunity to directly sell your work and it has been disheartening that creatives aren't inclined to submit to an exhibition without the prospect of making money. Is it a sign of the times? We want to encourage creatives out there to remember that we are doing this for the love of it- that's why creatives create! Your subject matter for the poster doesn't have to be deep and meaningful- don't overthink the subject, just do what comes naturally to you. We wanted to leave the brief as open as we could so that you don't feel stuck in that box. Create something based on anything you support- surprise us ;)!

The poster is actually the cover of a book by David Airey and The Design Company

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