Friday, March 2, 2012


For the third exhibition titled Half and Half- SUPPORT, we are asking you creative people to think about what is especially important to you- what YOU think deserves to be supported. Maybe a band that have something interesting and important to say, with lyrics and melody that you think people should hear and experience? Maybe a small local shop that has been in the family for generations, but is suffering because of the new (insert multinational brand name here) around the corner? The only difference with this exhibition is that it is worldwide, interactive and anyone can be a part of it. There will be no set exhibition venue which also means no mail, travel, transport or hassle. This is where it gets interesting..;)

The posters (which we will make up in a uniformed design) can be downloaded and printed by anyone around the world who wants to share what you have to say and support it. We encourage people to print this work and e-mail photos of it taken in different places and cities around the globe. We have already organised for posters to be put up in Berlin, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Edinburgh and Dublin to name a few so all we need now is your artwork! If you're interested in taking part, don't forget to tell us the location and any other information you want to share on the experience. These photos will also be uploaded to our blog with the location and details. We know that you guys are passionate about things and we don't feel that they should be restricted to one gallery. If you have something important to say here is an opportunity to say something about it to a global audience!

Anything goes BUT the finished work must be e-mailed as a 300dpi jpeg, just like our logo competition for the last exhibition, Half and Half-OPPOSITES. Artists will need to submit a justification with their artwork, which will be just as important as the finished visual piece. Keep your justification to a max of 100 words (the less the better!)

E-mail your image and justification to us at, along with a title for your work (not essential), the medium and all your details (e-mail, website etc.).

There is no set deadline, and if your piece is accepted it will go straight up on the blog, available for download and display worldwide!

Entry is free and this is a great opportunity to have your work all over the world. We hope that you accept this challenge and that in a few months time your work will be part of something truly amazing! You never know, you might be standing at a bus stop or passing a street corner and see people taking in what you have to say.

Spread the word and let's get scribbling :)!

All the best,
The Half and Half Team